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Emmy Nominated!

Our 2013 season of EWTV was nominated for an Emmy!  Many thanks to all of you out there for supporting us and supporting arts education! 



E&W co-founder Joseph R. Lewis led a charity campaign to help rescue The Lost Marionettes of Ralph Kipniss.  Read all about it in the Chicago Sun-Times and even watch a video of E&W performing at Braeside ES with Mr. Kipniss!



We believe that arts education is leadership education.  At the core of our curriculum is our hope to teach children how to refine their ability to communicate their ideas across multiple platforms.   When this lesson is well-learned, a life of exuberant curiosity and growth begins. 


It is our mission to teach kids the ABCs of good storytelling and the importance of exploring one's own unique imagination.  The Blank Page Workshop is an interactive class-room experience where children learn to grow their own Story Tree. 

Media Arts

The future is full of media:  Music, movies, videos, memes, blogs, apps...

With our Lights! Camera! Awesome! program we show kids how to understand and interpret the media that surrounds them everyday by teaching them how to produce their own!  And then we put it on TV!

Nothing builds a child's confidence more than learning how to use their voices, bodies, and minds TOGETHER to express their ideas to others.  Not just Arts Education...Theatre is SOCIAL Education. 


We make movies with kids!  They help us write, perform, design, and produce our silly variety show - Elephant & Worm TV!

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